On Anomal.iO

This is incredibly cool agario styled game, where you can choose one from three animals of cube form. Go around the map and consume apples and meat, your aim is to increase your size. When you will became bigger you can eat smaller players, but don’t let them to eat you. The game has exciting sound, sure you will appreciate it, hearing cool sounds when you eat your food, for example.

How to play Anomal.iO

The ultimate goal of this io game is to earn 1000 scores, or just to kill all other opponents. Be careful if you find mushrooms because they will break your character back down with all your food, so your enemies will eat everything what you collected. It doesn’t mean that mushrooms are necessary bad, but try to avoid them if you are new player, as much as possible.

Controls Anomal.iO

Everything is simple as in many other io games. Move you character by WASD keys. Use space bar in order to boost a limited amount forwards, this may be very helpful if are running away or trying to close the gap between you and food.