On Bacterio

In this game you take a role of small bacteria that equipped with such special abilities as firing of projectiles and boosting speed. Your aim is to control the middle zone and boost your pints in a battle with other players.

How to play Bacterio

As we said you will play as small independent bacteria, and everyone will try to kill you. So, in your turn you have to kill them. There are many foods across the map, that can slowly boost your score. However, the best way to catch the top of leader board is to to control middle zone, while killing all your opponents. Use you ability to shoot projectiles and to use boost. It can be very useful for protection from oncoming attack. Also you may have 3 upgrades collected in a from of turtle shell, a pair of wings and crown. The meaning of shell is more armour and max health, the wings is increased speed, and the crown is a sign of Bacterio royalty. When you have crown everyone will try to kill you, because now you are number one in this io game.

Controls Bacterio

Control your movement through the mouse, shooting through the left click, and increasing speed through the right click.