On Basher.iO

If you are tired from corrupt politicians and false celebrities, you should play this io game…Take a hammer, choose a famous person and fight to the death. This game is a special gift for those who has hate the modern political duality, and especially such pair of politicians as Trump and Clinton. However,m don’t think that only political animals may play this game. Even if you are not interested in politics, you are definitely like funny io games.

How to play Basher.iO

As always, you should choose your name and face for character. And as addition you have a weapon, which is hammer. Actually, the whole point of this io game is to make your hammer bigger and bigger. And just as in the real politics, here you need a gold. Collect golden coins on the map, either through smashing your enemies or through the smashing big pigs. But be careful, because after smashing pig you can be thrown far away from the gold. Anyway, this gold will help you to increase your weapon. So, the game is simple, and everything what you should know you just read.

Controls Basher.iO

All the moving of character is through the mouse, left click is using your hammer.