On Bellum.iO

Bellum is the “war” in Latin. And that is what about this io game, very simple, however quite interesting and really awesome. Begin with one square of area and develop your military power. Claim other’s territory and try to expand your realm. Let’s start a war!

How to play Bellum.iO

Bellum has very simple game dynamics. So simple, that some players may even ignore it. Your task is also quite easy, just claim the land of another players, and try to expand you own area. However, be sure that you have enough forces to conquest this territory. Otherwise, you can lost even your territory, not even talking about conquest of other’s land. On the map you will find a lot of vacant tiles that are helpful to such aim as increasing your area, but some of them are on base level. It is better to save some MP before taking these squares.

Controls Bellum.iO

Every action is done by mouse, left click is for upgrade and claiming area.