On Biomed3d

This io game basically is nothing else as another good version of agario. Take a role of blob and go into adventure, consuming other smaller players in order to increase your body size. Take a note, that you can be eaten as well, so be careful.

How to play Biomed3d

As we said, this game is very simple and have to do the same as in agario,i.e. to lay as a blob, that must eat other blobs and avoid other, larger blobs, because they can eat you for a moment. Remember that you have some special abilities that can be quite beneficial for you, for instance to drop mass or to divide your own mass into two equal blobs. By these abilities you can easily avoid catching by enemy or to catch other player.

Controls Biomed3d

Use mouse to control movement, WASD to navigate camera, and space bar to divide your blob into two parts.