On Blash.iO

Blash is incredible fun from our io games list, where you have to play as creature that has an ability to shoot bullets from tis mouths. The aim is to shoot other players, to kill them, and to consume their remains. Also, push other players into spinning saws or make mines to explode and fire shrapnel, in order to kill rival players.

How to play Blash.iO

First of all, you must to choose your name and to create character. Notice, that it is important thing to choose a correct color for your character, because the background of battlefield is blue, and should not confuse your character with background. Try not to fight with someone who is much bigger than you, otherwise it can be very dangerous for you. If you met such player, it is better to retire, consuming yellow passive orbs, that will help you to improve your health. By the way, health is indicated by green color under your name. So, be careful, because it may show you a critical point. This io game is really nice browser multiplayer simulator, and as other io games it is very simple. Enjoy!

Controls Blash.iO

Use mouse to move your character, press W and left click to hold your character on the place. Press Enter to regenerate.