On BlastArena.iO

Blastarena is exciting and very fun free for all battle arena game. Here you are playing as a small blocky hero and you task is to put bombs in order to clear map and kill other opponents. Originally this game is based on famous classical game bomberman and sure this io game is not worst than original game. But if you do not know the original bomberman this game is very good fun to play with friends.

How to play BlastArena.iO

Here everyone for himself and the winner is the one who will be the last on this map. Kill other players or wait when they kill each other. Annihilate terrain in order to make path around the map. Collect power ups such as movement speed, extra bombs, and bomb range, and you will be the most dangerous player. The explosions of bombs be directed only in straight lines from the places where you had put this bomb. Use this for your advantage in this cool io game and try to avoid standing in the fire. Otherwise the game will be over for you.

Controls BlastArena.iO

WASD or arrow keys is for navigation throughout the map. Space bar is for dropping a bomb. Notice that in the beginning of the game you can place only one bomb at one time, and even your own bomb can kill you!