On Blockor.iO

Blockor is wonderful version of such famous game as agario. The game will take you into the world that is tetris styled and full of mass of shapes. Begin as small and gather other shapes of various sizes in order to grow your mass and to destroy all rivals.

How to play Blockor.iO

In this cool game you starting, surrounded by various shapes, either passive or controlled by other players. From one of the smallest go to the increasing size by consuming shapes. Think strategically because in this io game it important to bare in mind how blocks are connected. Earn as much mass as you find the structure that works for you. Kill everyone on your path and take their blocks. Try to do everything at your best.

Controls Blockor.iO

Control is very simple, each movement follows for your mouse cursor. W key is for droping single block and d/a for rotating your mass.