On Braains.iO

Braains is nice game for the lovers of horror zombie games. Each server of this game can have up to 50 players, one player begins as zombie and his task is to spread infection among other human players. In their turn humans must to survive the whole match without being infected. Build a protection by barricading from other players.

How to play Braains.iO

This is a really awesome version of zombie games. If you are zombie, then try to complete your task and to infect humans, and make zombies from them. These new zombies will assist you in the hunting for humans. The map has some buildings with entrances and debris, so try not to kill your teammates that are closed in their houses under barricades in safety. The key moment in success is good teamwork, so try to have many people cooperating and blocking your entrance. This will increase your chance to survive. Much fun!

Controls Braains.iO

Braains is quite big game and there is no need for attacks or fancy power ups. Use WASD for controlling your character and infect people by walking on them.