On Bubblebee.io

This is a nice io game where you play as humble bee. Sting other bees, that is your main task! The game is completely constructed according to all wonderful io games. It is fresh and beautiful installment, so, you will be not tired.

How to play Bubblebee.io

As we said above, if you know other io games, this game wouldn’t be a problem for you. Actually, the whole game is bee’s battle. First of all, you should choose your own type, either soldier, scout, or worker. Notice, that each type has its own qualities. For instance, soldier has high speed and can do more damage, however, as for harvest, worker would be much more effective. And so on. Just like in the real life, where all the various types of bees has quite different purposes. Don’t forget on blue orbs, which is nectar. Collect them, and be ready for enemy attack.

On right side below you can see stat, including your own rating. Fight with players from the whole world.

Controls Bubblebee.io

Control your bee by moving mouse. Press Space Bar in order to sting other bees.