On C4arena

C4arena is basically online installation of nice classical board game connect 4, probably you are familiar with that fun.

How to play C4arena

The game is so simple, that you can solve all its rules just one by one while playing. In short you have to connect colorful tiles. The one who will connect 4 tiles in one row together is winner. Connect these tiles in any way, either horizontal or vertical, or even by diagonal, but be sure that they are four in number. Try to prevent your opponent’s movement and develop your own chain. Don’t forget that this io game is turn based in fact, so make each turn in a way that you will be able to progress in next few rounds. This fun installation from our io games list is awesome, because you can play alone, or you can play with friends, or even with random players. Enjoy!

Controls C4arena

The game is easy, just move your mouse on the row you want to put and push left click.