On Deeeep.iO

Deeeep is awesome ocean-based io games, that seems like an ocean version of in some points, for instance your main task is to get to the top of food chain and dominate ocean. You begin under water as a human and then you must eveolve into more big and more strong animals in order to survive.

How to play Deeeep.iO

In the Deeeep io world your task is simple, that is to survive. As there are many players on the server, already starting their race in the food chain, for new player it can be some kind of rough. But do not be sad, there is a lot of food for you also. With consuming food you will gain experience and your xp bar at the bottom of the screen will be filled, and when it happens you will be changed into the new creature with a different traits. Do not forget on oxygen and keep your eyes on oxygen meter because some creatures cannot breath under water without oxygen. Like seagul for example. But they can fly above water. Also there is another important note you should know. Everything what is bigger than you can eat you apart from the players of same kind. Exception is shark.

Controls Deeeep.iO

The controls in Deeeep is very simple as in most io games. Use mouse for navigation, and space bar to boost forward a limited amount. The last option can be helpful if you want to cover the gap between you and an enemy. Also it may allow you to catch up to your prey.