On Diep.iO

Diep is awesome io game which is favorite fun for many players from across the world. They still play it by hours without boring. This is free for all 2d shooting games. The game has only one ruling — kill or die. Shoot all these passive shapes that sit around the map in order to earn xp, and kill other players. When you will have enough xp you may gain next level in several important stats such as maximum hp, bullet speed, bullet damage and so on.

How to play Diep.iO

In the world of this nice io game you have to control a tank and shoot projectiles with behavior that modified through the interesting system of levels, in roder to defend yourself and to kill rivals. After each ten level you have ao option to modify your vehicle and the way of shooting and playing. As in other io games, Diep has a leader board where you can see players score and icon of the tank type, that is currently used. It is better to pay attention to this if you are a new player, because through this you can achieve a better feel for tank builds. We recommend you to move as much as you can because the higher level tanks can do a lot of damage for new players in io games.

Controls Diep.iO

Your vehicle is always in the center of screen. You can move it by using WASD keys or the arrow keys. As for gun barrel it follows for your mouse cursor. Left click or the space bar is for shooting by cannon.