On Doblons.iO

Again, very simplistic io game. Doblons is 2d shooter which is very addictive. The game is very simple but you will see with progress how deep its system. You are free to upgrade and design your ship in many various ways.

How to play Doblons.iO

Start from the basic boat with just 2 cannons and develope into the huge battleship. There are many ways how you cabn play his game, find your favorite one. Collect the passive colourful orbs and kill rival ships in order to earh experience and gold, that will be helpful for upgrading your ship. The game has a stats that you can put point into for the cost of coins. You can find it at the top left of your screen. When your xp bar will be full you can add gadget to your ship. Some would recommend to put max speed with a strong hull. It creates exciting entertainment.

Controls Doblons.iO

WASD or arrow keys is to navigate. Left click or space bar is to fire cannons. Also you can use f key for firing aimed shots, but it requires a gold. Again, everything is simple as always in io games.