On Dodgeballs.iO

Dodgeballs is agario-styled io game where you have to play as a blob that surrounded by other smaller blobs. The rules of this game is similar to the rules of conventional dodgeballs, so if somebody hits you then you are out and the game is over. But if you are stil be alive and you kill other, this will lead you to the leaders board. These kills would be added only if you save them during current life. The only problem with game that you may have is the servers of the game are in America, so if you are not from there, the game can have some latency.

How to play Dodgeballs.iO

This is dodgeball, so yes, it should be played as dodgeball, i.e. the balls are bouncing off terrain and walls and if you get hit — game is over. All the balls are colourful and you can not take balls of the same colour in a row, so, if you take yellow ball, you can not take another yellow ball, until you take a different colour. The difference with dodgeball is that balls cannot be caught when two thrown balls collide. Sure, this is exciting game from our io games list.

Controls Dodgeballs.iO

The character follows for your mouse cursor, and by left click you can through head balls.