On Dogargame.iO

This funny game is quite similar to famous agario, and share the same concept. But also Dogagrgame has very good teamwork modes in arena, that gives to people more options in growing size.

How to player Dogargame.iO

As we said Dogargame has some team based modes and generic system, i.e. consume to increase your size. This cool io game has such features as contested territories on the map, that can be claimed by each team, and if you get success in such claim you will have a lot of power ups in these territories. Among these power ups you have such as bomb blobs, you can shoot them by pressing W, a shield, which protect you from being eaten by bigger blobs for some time. And of course movement speed power up. Well, this nice io game from our collection is special gift for those who likes agario bu searching for some extra content.

Controls Dogargame.iO

Your character follows for mouse, as for dropping piece of masses in front of you, use W, and press E if you want to activate power up.