On Driftin.iO

Dritin is very addictive exciting racing battle io game. Choose you types races from 6 types, each one of them has own qualities, for instance some of them are faster and some of them have lover health. Use your special ability, that connected to your vehicle, and win the race.

How to play Driftin.iO

You main task in the game is to first one who completed 20 laps, where each lap is one level. After each level you will upgrade one from at least four stats, such as max hp, hp regen, movement speed, weapon damage and reload speed. You have two ways of alternative development, either you can kill people and take more hits, or to go faster, avoiding combat. So, try both ways, and choose you own method.

Controls Driftin.iO

Your vehicle follows for you mouse cursor, space bar is for using special ability, and left click to boost your speed for a fixed amount of time.