On Flar.iO

This is very addictive 2d strategy game, which is favorite io games fun for many people. Definetely, all the fans of strategy games and slow domination on the map will appreciate this io game. Flar.io looks like classic strategy and it is very interesting, even despite the fact that it is not include much depth as many other bigger titles. Anyway, enjoy!

How to play Flar.iO

Begin with just a single base and small amount of money. Then you have to expan, slowly but surely, placing bases on the map, adding quarries to farm rocks, and defending borders by special turrets. Map in this io game is small, but requires a lot of action, which is amazing thing. As in many other strategy games the lenght of this game is depend on the players, in some cases it can be about 50 minutes or even more, if you will fight in a hard battle with your rivals. The game is simple and very addictive, so it can take from you some fun hours.

Controls Flar.iO

Everything is based on map movement and clicking. Also, use WASD keys or arrows keys in you want to navigate camera. That gives you a better view.