On Gameofbombs

This is another great io version of the classical game bomberman. However, comparing with the original game, it has much more bigger map with a larger number of players. So, if you played bomberman, you are definitely familiar with this game as well. Your task it to fight with opponents using bombs and gathering power ups. That means that everything should be known for you, but notice that here everything is larger probably 5 times.

How to play Gameofbombs

Begin as one of the player on big map. Travel across the area, destroying walls by bombs, and go close to the enemies, until you will be able to blow them up. Basically, your aim is simple – just be the last one on the map, that means you have to kill everyone by your bombs. As we said, map is much bigger in this io game, just like a max effect and explosion range of all bombs. Also, notice that you can place bombs bouncing on terrain, as well to be able go throughout some objects in order to catch your enemies.

Controls Gameofbombs

Use WASD to control movement and spacebar to put bombs.