Geoarena is one of the most awesome online io games on our website. Here you can play two various modes of game, either to fight with the endless enemies, created by computer, or to fight with the real players. And all these modes are really overwhelming. Play right now and win the battle.

How to play

Actually, your aim is to move throughout the field and to shoot everyone on your way. Initially, you has an amount of crystals, and this amount could be increased during the game. Also, you can increase the level of your car. For this purpose you have to use a white balls, that are placed on across the field, they would give you a necessary energy. Notice, that after killing your enemies you can make your car more powerful. But be careful, because each shell into you will decrease the percentage of your life. And after explosion of your car you will see how many scores you earned during the game.


Use Shift in order to change the weapon, and use backspace to activate skills, such as Meditate, Vengeance, Focus, Guard, Rage.