On GravityGame.iO

This is a very funny excitin io shooting game where all players are situated on different moon-styled terrain. The gravity mechanics of the game is quite similar to space. For example when you jump you descent slowly toward the next moon, while the gravitational pull takes you to it. The game is full of wondergul physics, so it is joy to play it!

How to play GravityGame.iO

This io game is very simple, you are playing as soldier, equipped with a launcher, and your aim is to take down all your foes and to survive. Use gravity of moon for your advantage, move around the surface in order to avoid damage. Also you can jump to other moon for easy land shot.

Controls GravityGame.iO

Simple as in all io games. WASD is moving around, A is a crouch, W is jump between two moons, also you can use either left click or space bar for shooting.