On Hexagor.iO

Hexagor is awesome strategy game. This io game is quite intensive, but it is recommended to have an experiences in other strategies to start this game. You begin with a small base and your task is to conquer adjacent land plots in order to increase your area. Expand your army and be sure that you base is protected.

How to play Hexagor.iO

If you have a land area around you base then you can build a defending towers against other players. Of course, your opponents wants to to break your defense and to conquer your base. So, be careful always. Try to build a various types of buildings, in order to find the best tactics that suit for you. Be sure that there are enough turrets around your base in order to protect yourself from the attacking enemies. Collect wood and stone plots in order to get supply for your towers. Click on a claimed resources in order to harvest resources.

Controls Hexagor.iO

In Hexagor you will find a quite simple mechanics, everything can be done by left click. The top left on your screen is where you can grab your towers. Top rights show you an alliance system, and here you can sen requests to other players.