On Hopz.iO

Welcome to the Hopz world, where you have to take a role of bouncing ball with eyes and mouth. Now your task is simple — just do not let anyone to hope your character, because if somebody will be succesful it hop over you, then you are dead. So, if someone jump over you — you are dead, and as opposite, if you jump over someone he is dead. This nice io games is very simple but quite competitive, because nobody wants to loose!

How to play Hopz.iO

The nature of this io game does not require a lot of strategy, but there are some moves that can you help to jump on your rival. Like for instance when you see someone jumping on you just walk backward from these rivals, and when they will come closer to you jump on them. And as they are falling they will not have any great capacity to win in this situation.

Controls Hopz.iO

Moving character is by arrow keys, if you press twice in a row you will be able to double jump.