On Hordes.iO

Looking for unique game? Here it is! Hordes is such game, because initially it different from other games in its 3d aspect as well gameplay. You have to play in 3d environment and your objective is to defeat monsters, alone or in a team.

How to play Hordes.iO

Begin with the selection between four classes such as warrior, ranger, mage, and a healer, in a safe territory on the map. Your task is to annihilate from this world the veil npcs and to earn exp in order to open new abilities and to became much more stronger. When you will became stronger all lower levelled enemies will die quite quickly, but further the bigger enemies will be a real challenge for you. Make a team with other players, this is one of the most important thing in this io game, just like in other io games as well.

Controls Hordes.iO

Use WASD keys in order to move your character, use your mouse to move camera and to select enemies and allies to attack or assist. Your special abilities are in the keys 1-4, however, eveything can be rebound!