On Limax.iO

Again, the wonderful game from the series of slither versions. But here, you will play not as a snake, but as a glowing worm, that will take people with a trial, not with a body. The nice thing about this game is that size does not guarantee that you are stronger, because even the smallest players can take on the score, if they would use correct tactics.

How to play Limax.iO

Begin as small worm and consume passive food orbs that spawn on the map or food dropped by other players. Gain size and became big worm! Your aim is to be number one in leaders boards. If you need to kill someone here you have to connect your boost trail with his head, because your train is the only tool of killing in this io game. Also, this means that you can go through the players body in safety unless you connected with their trials.

Controls Limax.iO

Use your mouse cursor to navigate your worm and left click to boost the speed of your character or to leave trail behind you.