On Meduzzza.iO

That’s what the creators of Meduzzza say on their game: “ is the online multiplayer game which has rushed into the games world like the wind and continues to gather momentum remorselessly. The game is dipping you into under-the-sea world where jellyfish dominate. And its goal is to gain the greatest size, skill and be the best. You eat bubbles and grow this way but your speed is inversely proportional to your size. This feature balances the odds of the players who have different size and speed. But please beware borders and Medusas’ tails – they are dangerous as in the real life.”

How to play Meduzzza.iO

As creators of this cool io game said, Meduzzza is very nice balanced, challenging entertainment, where the classical eat to grow fun became more fail and well rounded. Start as a little jellyfish and eat in order to grow a mass. You can eat passive bubbles or to kill other players and consume their masses. In order to kill other players you must simply make your tails connected with your rival’s body, similar to slither system. Became the baddest jellyfish here!

Controls Meduzzza.iO

Very simple. Everything done by your mouse, left click is for boosting your speed at cost of some of your score.