On Mope.iO

This is a nice survival io game based in 2D environment, filled with colours. Take a role of small mouse and begin your way to up to the top in a food chain. For that you have to eat berries in order to earn xp. The task of the game is simple — survive, avoiding obstacles and progressing in the food chain.

How to play Mope.iO

As I mentioned above, you have a role of mouse at the bottom of food chain, but as you eat more berries you will gain xp in order to evolve into other creatures. As for friendly players or objects yoy notice them through the light green border, while the dangerous players indicated with a red light border — try to avoid them if you are new in this io game. Also dont forget on your water meter. You should keep it topped up by consuming the blue blobs, you may find them around water spots. When you move around water would be consumed slowly, and when you are sprinting it would be consumed aggressively.

Controls Mope.iO

All your movements are controlled by mouse movement, and don“t forget that your movement“s speed depends from certain objects and how big they are toward your size. For instance, you can not eat mushrooms or move through them in the beginning, so it is better to go around them. You can use sprinting by pressing or holding space bar, but be careful, because spriting requires to much water to use.