On MyFrog.iO

MyFrog is another funny entertainment from our io games list. Here you are taking a role of small tadpole and increasing until you became a big frog.

How to play MyFrog.iO

Survive. This is only real objective in this nice game. Remember, that you are not alone, and everyone will try to the same. Don’t trust anyone! MyFrog is free for all game, and it would be better if you will take out everyone who gathered a significant amount of mass, which can be used by you. Also you can boost speed, leaving behind a trail of lily pads, just like in many other io games where you can use body collision in order to kill opponents. Notice that not only you can use the food, but other frogs as well.

Controls MyFrog.iO

Control your from by your mouse, and use left click for boosting forward or leaving lily pads behind you.