On Mypuppet.iO

Actually, this is another version of slither. Go around the map and collect the orbs to increase your size.

How to play Mypuppet.iO

The play style of this io game is very simple and basic, however the game is very addictive. Take a role of worm puppet and start the game. You begin very small, as usually. Increase your size by eating passive orbs or consuming other worms, and you will became quite big! If you are new, it is better to start playing next to the huge worms. Try to catch them and steel some food from their remains, but don’t go at risk. But remember, that the same can be used against you as well, when you will became a big worm. Try to close slowly the gap between you and smaller worms and don’t give them any chance to escape. You can kill other player only if you make his head crash into your body. But don’t loose your food after his death!

Controls Mypuppet.iO

In this game everything done through the mouse, and the head of worm follows for cursor. Left click is used in order to boost your speed at the cost of your size and some food orbs.