On Narwhale.iO

Narwhale is awesome io game with a quite simple concept and lot of fun. This game is gift for those people who likes narwhals and sword fighting, because here you can use narwhale horn as a sword to chopp other narwhals up. The size of arena is quite small, and that is why there you will have a lot of action, without any delay. 20 other players will not let you sleep.

How to play Narwhale.iO

The task of game is simple, just slice other Narwhales in half. Avoid the same fate toward for yourself. When you kill someone you will earn a lot of stat buffs, so you can upgrade your speed, stronger horn, increase stamina and so on. Be careful, because if horns of other Narwhales will connect your body, you are over. In order to prevent this crash them with your head. Bounce and enjoy thi nice fun from our io games list.

Controls Narwhale.iO

The whole game is through the mouse, move your narwhale by cursor and use left click to attack.