On Oceanar.iO

Take a role of anger fish and eat food in order to amass a afish army that will rule the ocean. Tis io game is very simple, but really addictive. You have an opportunity to test this good feeling when your opponents army is destroyed by your army or to kill jelly fish that once killed you.

How to play Oceanar.iO

Just like in many other io games, the aim is the same. Start from a small, weak and alone in very uncomfortable situation. Survive by consuming food and gather a big army of small fish. It is up to you how you will play, but it is recommended to avoid large groups of fish as number is crucial for victory in fights. Begin with a small group of soldier fish and try to catch a jellyfish to earn some bonuses. And finally, when you develop a huge sized army you can attack all the groups that smaller than your, in order to gain scores and dominate the ocean.

Controls Oceanar.iO

Mouse is controling fish, left click is attack, and right click is for grouping your smaller fish into large ones. Notice that when several fish are following you the attack key with control them and not your main fish will leave you vulnerable in this io game. Be careful!