On Orpe.ga

Orpega is exciting 2d shooting io game for all the lovers of space themed shooters. Begin your journey in one of eight spaceship with a various qualities, and destroy all your opponents.

How to play Orpe.ga

Don’t hesitate and try to get into the active fighting from the start of the game, because other players wont wait. Every spaceship has two default abilities in battle such as your main gun and landmines, that can do a lot of damage to your enemies, even much more that gun, although gun can be used more frequently. Notice that earning score in this io game does not make your weapon more strong, however you may became a target for other players, who wants to move you from the leader boards. If you want to increase your score you have to consume the passive stars places around the map or successfully kill rivals.

Controls Orpe.ga

WASD keys are for controlling your spaceship, left click is for shooting your gun, right click for placing land mines. Everything is simple.