On Paraballs

Paraballs is awesome io game version of classic game of pool. But here you have only nine balls to be potted, and both, you and your rival has one shooting in the same time. Be sure, it is very fun to play, especially if you are playing with your friends.

How to play Paraballs

If you know how to play pool, you will know the basics of this io game as well. However, as we said there is no taking turns, both of you shooting ball in the same time. Also you can interrupt the rival turn by going the same ball or shooting straight at them. See the maximum score at the top of the screen. But don’t pot your own ball, otherwise you will lose one point. That is what you should try to avoid in this wonderful pool game from our io games list.

Controls Paraballs

The controls here is very simple, probably, as in each version of pool game. Just use mouse to direct your ball, and click shoot when it is necessary.