On RaceGame.iO

Racegame is awesome action-packed io game from our collection of io games. Here you can race on a small circuit with some other players. This io game is a real test for your driving skills.

How to play RaceGame.iO

As in any other racing game your task is simple — be faster than other player and win the race. All cars have the same speed and handling, i.e. you can not defeat them only by using your speed. You and your rivals are indicated on the top right of the screen. After each lap you have a time, so if something not perfect, you can easy recreate this lap. If you are new in this game try to take down corners, because it is much easy task if you take a straight wide. Goodluck!

Controls RaceGame.iO

Accelerate your car by left click and use the mouse to steer. Everything is simple. Much fun!