On Rops.iO

What is ROPS? Basically, it is an online io version of famous game – rock, paper, scissors – but mixed with chess. In the beginning of game’s round you may put 10 pieces on your side of board with one bomb. It’s better for you if you have a good mix of pieces or at least you have a cool strategy, and of course – bomb.

How to play Rops.iO

This io game is simple and its rules are simple as well. Starting the round, move your pieces across the board. If you loose all your pieces it is the end. Everything follows rules of classic game, that means that scissors beats paper, but loses rock, etc. Don’t forget these rules, because they are keys for you victory. Also, notice that on the edge of present map in this io game you have a piece that can be moved directly to the revert side. So, use this feature in order to catch your opponent.

Controls Rops.iO

To put your pieces use numbers – 1 to rock, 2 to paper, and 3 to scissors. Use 4 for to put bomb, although you can do it only once at match.