On Sl4sh.iO

Here, in this nice io game, you take a role of triangle. Choose the colour of your triangle, because each color has unique base stats. is awesome 2d combat game from our collection of io games, that will give you a long hours of fun.

How to play Sl4sh.iO

The game has a high skill cap, so it is important to know, that just go through the shapes with hope to get levels, may be wrong. There is advanced leveling system so the stats which were chosen by you can effect your result in battle. Also, you have 7 stats to increase in order to improve the state of your triangle, these are such stats as speed, damage, and maximum health. You may not ger an excellent build from the first time, but it is worth to try. There is a leader board in a game, that demonstrate the levels of all players on arena, as well a map at the bottom, which show your character and highest player on the server. By the way, try not contact with them, if you are new.

Controls Sl4sh.iO

Although this io game is complicated a bit, the control is very simple. Lead your character by mouse movement. Left click is attack, and remember that if your attack does not have connection with a shape or a player, it goes to cooldown.