On Slain.iO

Slain is wonderful brand new game from our io games list, for the fans of survival and horde defence games. You start from the level one with nothing except quite weak attacks in order to defend yourself from the masses of spinning spiked npcs and other players. With more experience you may transofrm yourself into a strong force. The available stats are nine and you have to twist and boost them in order to earn huge possibilities at a higher levels of this io game. Much fun!

How to play Slain.iO

Your aim in is to survive in a contacts with npcs and other various players. You don;t have anything but your fists and limited stamina to fight with your rivals. That means it is better to keep distance between them and you, if you are not sure that you can crash them. As for mentioned above nine trainable stats, in order to level them up you have to fill up the experience bar at the bottom of screen first. Walk over the passive orbs and kill players and npcs. When this bar will be full you will gain a level, that will give you a capacity to advance one of the nine skills. Only afterp playing several times you would understand for is best for building, but it is recommended to get some early armor and hp, with a little movemenet speed.

Controls Slain.iO

The control in this io game is quite simple, just because it is a fun. Just use WASD keys for moving character and left click for punch.