On Slither.iO

Slither is famous free for all battle arena io game. Sure, it is one of the most popular games today. You are playing as snake in like environment and your task is to gain size by consuming other snakes, i.e. other players. You will find a bunch of small food orbs on the map, so you can slowly to incfrease your size. Or if you want to increase your size quickly you may eat enemy snake. The aim of this game is to survive, but if you like competition you can try to make your snake the biggest and baddest. Try to be on the top.

How to play Slither.iO

Either you are big or small, you can always eat others, or be eaten by others, so in any case you are either predator snake or food. In order to eat another snake you have to make the head their snake collide with your body, but avoid crashing into someone else. Know, that when snake dies it will turn to the same amount of orbs that requires its size. This amount can be consumed by anyone, so rush and do not let them eat it this food from your work in the nice io game.

Controls Slither.iO

Control your snake by mouse movement, your cursor will lead shake head. Also snake can be sped by space bar, but it can make your snake shorter, if it would be very long, so be careful.