On SnakePit.iO

Again, this is a slither styled io game where you begin as a small snake and increase your size by killing your rivals. However, there is one important feature that make this game different from slither. It is golden stars that are scattered on the map. If you collect 36 of them you will receive a small amazon gift card. Try this one!

How to play SnakePit.iO

Probably you are quite familiar with such type of io games. If not, than just know following – the game is free for all, and every player will try to kill you in order to consume your collected masses, so be careful. In order to kill someone you need to connect enemy head with your snakes body. It is not easy task, because obviously everyone will try to avoid that, while in the same time they will try to do it with each other, and with you as well. And don’t forget to collect golden stars, they will bring you money.

Controls SnakePit.iO

Your snake follows for mouse movement, the head of snake follows for cursor, use left click if you want to boost your speed up at the cost of some mass.