This io game is about huge snow fight. Here you can make teams with your friends and build great fortresses. Destroy your enemies, and be careful, because you may miss a bear. This multiplayer game is cool and funny installment for each season, but especially it is good for all players who loves snow winter)

How to play

The game is simple, just as most io games. Begin with choosing your nick and color of dress and mask for your character. Done? Then go to the snow battle! You will see on the big map a lot of different kids. These kids are your rivals and you should be always ready for their attack. Try to be first in attack, and throw showballs to them. You can see the indicator of life over your character’s head. If it read – it is a bad sign for you, and you should run away from enemies. Also, notice, that you can build a big fortresses using snow. Collect various sweeties and toys, after death of other players. And as we said already – avoid bear! Or try to redirect this bear to other player. Enjoy!


Use WASD for moving, and use left click to throw snow. Hold left click to create big snowballs or build fortresses. That’s simple!