On Splix.iO

Splix is awesome game where you has control on coloured line and own piece an area, which can be expanded by drawing shapes with the line and connecting them to the existing area. Of course, you are not alone here, your rivals will try to do the same thing, so you may attack them or be attacked by them.

How to play Splix.iO

You probably already met many splix-styled io games, so we don’t have to explain how to play it. Just expand slowly your territory in safety. Notice that you cannot make a shape extremely big, because after reaching limit you will be dead. So, try to expand by small pieces, slowly. However, anyway, if you want to catch a huge amount of land or even a half of the map, you will have conflict with other players, because they are settled here. Be ready for that, and try to vanish their area by destroying the line.

Controls Splix.iO

WASD keys or arrow keys are used for each movement in the Splix.io game.