On StarBlast.iO

Starblast is very addictive shooter for all the lovers of space themed io shooting games. You begin from control of a small basic ship and then go to the harvest of gems in order to ncrease your stats. After maxed gathering of stats you will be able to get a new specific ship and you can evolve into a different type of spaceships with various kinds of weapons stats.

How to play StarBlast.iO

You can play this nice io game by two ways. First way is passive, when you avoid other players and farm gem rocks, until you finally will be strong enough to defeat opponents. Second one is agressive way, when you can try to attack your rivals when they are farming or roaming around, and this way is much more funny. Notice that larger ships usually have teammates who join them through the various reason, such as fear of being destroyed, or they are kinds of friends. So, it it highly recommended to find a friend for yourself or bring him into this io game.

Controls StarBlast.iO

Every action in the game has two options. You may control ship through the arrow keys and fire using space bar. Also you can use mouse, in this case when you navigate hold right click and shooting is left click. This way is seems to be preferrable because it is more easy to control movement with accuracy.