On Supersnake.iO

Supersnake is another good slither-styled io game. Take a role of nice little snake and consume food in order to gain size and became bigger and stronger. Also, there are some power ups on the map, they can be very helpful for you here, and actually they may help even the smallest snake.

How to play Supersnake.iO

If you desire to be successful in this world, you must to earn experiences from the several power ups and you should memorize some obstacles. Also, quite important to note is that if a snake is higher level than your snake, it can it you, if you are both the same level, you will be destroyed both, unless you have a necessary power up.

Controls Supersnake.iO

The moving forward of your snake here in this io game is automatic and unfortunately you cannot stop your snake. However, you can turn to the left and right in order to circle back or refuse oncoming snakes. Use A and S keys to do this and W key is for activating power ups.