On Tenk.iO

Wonderful game with a huge battle arena. Join to the io battle between many tanks. You can play this fine io game even on mobil, as all tanks are auto-shooting. Win this battle!

How to play Tenk.iO

This game is quite simple, so there is no need for deepest introduction. Just remember how you played famous tanks. And this is actually the same game, although it has several own features. But it is better to learn these features by yourself. Just take the role of tank commander and go into the battle. However, be careful at the beginning of the game, when your tank still be quite small. Your enemies could destroy you very quickly, so, try not to go into the battle with the huge tanks, otherwise the game would over for you.

Your state you can see at the right below corner. Try to create your own team, because many players fighting in teams, and it would be very hard to oppose these armadas.

Controls Tenk.iO

Use WASD or your keyboard to move tank. Use mouse cursor to catch a target with a cannon.