On Tenz.iO

Tenz is awesome space-themed combat io game with multiplayer. You are playing as alien inside glass circular spaceship. After killing more players you will earn many various upgrades for your ship. So, you have to became a ruler of the space.

How to play Tenz.iO

Actually to play this wonderful io game Tenz io very simple. The battlefield is huge galactic arena, where many players are fighting each other. You can play either as guest, with the limited possibilities, or you can be a registered user, that makes this game much more overwhelming and interesting. Choose your character first (for guest only one character is available), each one of these characters has own skills and qualities, so you may choose the one who is more comfortable for you style of game. You can invite your friends and create a team.

Controls Tenz.iO

Use WASD keys to move around the space. Left click is for shooting with standard laser bullets. Right click is for shooting with massive mighty bomb.