On Timaleon

Timaleon is amazing 2d shooting io game that has a multiplayer. Actually, it is a version of famous old space game. Now you can play it io version alone against everyone or with your good friends. The only task is survivig. Playing with friends requires from you a perfect teamwork, so be careful, and try yourself in such work.

How to play Timaleon

For all those players that has experience in playing space impact, this io game wouldn’t something hard. Take control on space ship with quite limited movement and kill all your foes, but don’t let them to kill you. As we said, special attention must be applied for teamwork because cooperation with friends may be the best method to survive. Especially, if you are not among the leaders of top. Also, collect power ups from moons, and use them in the battle.

Controls Timaleon

WASD keys are for moving, but you are not able to turn. Use left click for shooting.