On Wings.iO

Wings is exciting and very addictive 2d game, where you start your journey as pilot in a small plane. All other players start in the same position and has the same task that is to be on the top of leader board. Fly across the map and annihilate everyone who is in your sight, using 10 various types of weapon, that you can find on the map.

How to play Wings.iO

As we said already, in this awesome io game you take a role of fighting pilot with such task as annihilating everyone else except you on this map. That means that all other players will try to kill you as well. You can find on the map some glowing orbs and weapon crates, collect orbs to increase score and regenerate your health, and take a limited amount of random weapon from these crates. Notice that this weapon would be much stronger that your original weapon that is Gatling machine-gun. From missile launcher to Tesla cannon, you have a quite big arsenal.

Controls Wings.iO

The controls is very simple as in may other io games. Use your mouse cursor to move your plane, use left click and space bar to shoot what you need.