On Wormate.iO

This is nice Slither styled game with a some cool features, such as power ups, more customization, and brilliant food graphics, by which these foods looks very delicious.

How to play Wormate.iO

Here as in many other io games your task is simple, that is to became the biggest snake worm. For that purpose you have to eat the passively spawning food around the area or to kill other rival worms and consume their remains. Crash the enemy head into your body and kill him, but don“t be slow, because the remain food from dead player may be consumed by everyone on the map, including you, so you can eat the remains of those players, that were killed not by you. However, it is recommended not to fight with other worms in the beginning of the game, when your body is not big enough. But you can catch up some food from dead worms.

Controls Wormate.iO

Your worm follows your cursor, although you can control only its worm“s head movement, and you can not stop your worm. By left click you can boost a speed of your worm as long as you hold it, but remember that this ability will slowly decrease your current score.

  • Big Def

    In a couple videos i have watched from DevinPerks Gaming on YouTube, he always spawns MASSIVE.. how do I do that because my computer does it too but then immediately starts a new game as me being small. What im trying to say is that it will show a quick clip of my worm spawned at at least 100k, then it disappears and i end up starting again as a new worm. And one other question, what does the ae power up do??