On Xess.iO
Xess is basically io version of some kind of chess. Start as a king and capture pieces in in order to protect your king, adding to your side of the board. Then try to conquer a map. It is recommended to know basic rules of chess, in order to understand how this world is working.

How to play Xess.iO

The game is not exactly chess, but it follows for the general rules of chess, so if your king is taken your game is over and you loose. Be sure that your king is always safe. The big difference with a chess is the fact that in Xess.io you just move your pieces around as many times as you want, despite even the fact that you can follow only official moves of these pieces. That means that some pieces as queen has a very high value, because they are able to move in all directions. Be fast and careful, enjoy this nice io game.

Controls Xess.iO

All need here in Xess is just mouse. Control pieces by clicking them and then clicking to move where you need. Also you may control camera with your mouse, it simply follows for your cursor.