On Zlap.iO

Welcome to free for all combat arena in the awesome game Zlap. Take a role of blob like character that has a flail as a weapon. Each player has the similar flail with the same amount of damage, but with killing enemies your flail will grow in size, so it would be easier for you to catch guardians.

How to play Zlap.iO

The game is seems to be complicated from start, but as you move further you will see that io game is very simple. The character and fail are independent in their moves, i.e. you can attack back while dodggin ongoing attacks. In opposite to other io games Zlap does not have food orbs or something of this kind. The only way to grow in size of your flail is to kill other players. And it is good trait, because throuh this the game is incredible and action-packed. So, try to avoid getting hit by flail, and try to hit your rivals at head by your own flail. Remember, that your flail is able to deflect enemy flail!

Controls Zlap.iO

We mentioned previously that flail and you moving independently. WASD keys is for yoiur moving, while the flail moves following your mouse cursor.